An anthology of science fiction and fantasy artwork from Aotearoa New Zealand

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White Cloud Worlds is an award winning series of art books that showcase stunning science fiction and fantasy artwork from New Zealand, 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'.

These visually rich publications explore the worlds created by 50 artists whose work has been featured by acclaimed companies such as; Weta Workshop, Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse Comics, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, Gnomon Workshop and Spectrum Fantastic Art.

The artists are profiled with a selection of their art accompanied by text written in their own unique voice, sharing their origins, inspirations and a rare glimpse into how they work.

White Cloud Worlds Volume One includes written contributions from some of the world’s most celebrated leaders in the fields of science fiction and fantasy art, such as Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Taylor, Alan Lee and John Howe.  In volume two, we are excited to announce written contributions from two of the world’s leading masters of the imagination – acclaimed artists, designers and writers Iain McCaig and Wayne Barlowe.

The work within the pages of White Cloud Worlds celebrates not only the skill of the artists but the breadth of their imaginations.  From the beautiful to the bizarre, frightening to fantastical, allow yourself a break from the mundane and get lost in the visually rich creations showcased in these books.  You might not want to leave!
The White Cloud Worlds books have inspired the highly successful White Cloud Worlds exhibition which has toured extensively throughout New Zealand.    

The White Cloud Worlds books are published by Harper Collins and Ignite Inc. For more information on sales please visit our Trade page. 

Founder and Art Director - Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin has worked as a concept designer at Weta Workshop since 2003 and is the director of Ignite Inc., a small company dedicated to the celebration of individual creativity through collective projects. Paul also teaches illustration part-time at Massey University and works as a freelance concept designer and illustrator. Paul has a Bachelor of Design (Hons) from the Massey University College of Creative Arts and a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University where he majored in classical studies and English language. He has indulged his passion for ancient worlds by travelling extensively and working as a volunteer archaeologist.

Publishing Manager - Kate Jorgensen

Kate Jorgensen has 15 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. She has worked across a wide variety of media, including radio, television, film, print and, more recently, ebooks and apps. Kate has a Bachelor of Communication Studies with a major in radio, and her career started on the children’s television show What Now. She has also managed Weta Workshop’s design studio and is now the managing editor of Weta Publishing. She was the project manager for volume one of White Cloud Worlds and manages other White Cloud Worlds initiatives. Her career path has been inf luenced by her personal passion for art, the entertainment industry and collaboration with other like-minded people.