An award winning series of art books that showcase stunning science fiction and fantasy artwork from New Zealand, 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'.

Edited by Paul Tobin, the work within these pages celebrates not only the skill of the artists but the breadth of their imaginations. From the beautiful to the bizarre, frightening to fantastical, allow yourself a break from the mundane and get lost in the visually rich creations showcased in these books. You might not want to leave!

White Cloud Worlds - Volume One

Cover art Paul Tobin
Foreword byGUILLERMO DEL TORO Filmmaker, author, actor.
"These are images to get lost in. To contemplate and speculateabout. Malleable and ever-changing, like shape-shifting clouds in alien sky. Images to dream by."
Introduction byRICHARD TAYLORFounder of Weta Workshop.
"Within the pages of this book readers will find examples in which the artist has gone beyond simply the creation of a beautiful painting and has embedded a truly unique idea into their art."
Afterword byALAN LEEIllustrator & concept designer.
"Here is a collection - hopefully the first of many - of artworks representing the rich and diverse talents of some real movie heroes and heroines. Wonder and enjoy!"
Afterword byJOHN HOWEIllustrator & concept designer.
"It’s all creativity and just plain elbow grease. Flights of fancy and pencil stubs. Softwarecrashes, midnight coffees and the dreams one works hardest at, patiently building worlds ofthe mind. White Cloud Worlds."

White Cloud Worlds - Volume Two

Cover art Christian Pearce
Introduction byIAIN MCCAIG Filmmaker, author, actor.
"The images in volume two of White Cloud Worlds take after their island home. Some of them are generous, witty, welcoming, about as dark as a light bulb. The next page—WHAM!Apocalyptic nightmares clobber you."
Afterword byWAYNE BARLOWEIllustrator & Author, Designer
"These artists have brought to life worlds that most people cannot imagine. They’ve shown us worlds filled with dragons, dinosaurs, aliens and robots, worlds so realistic that I could feel the ground trembling from the robots’ ponderous footfalls, smell the dragons’ foul brimstone and hear the intoxicating music of the faeries. "
Recommendation byANDY SERKISActor and filmaker.
"The stunning works contained in this book, by this rare breed of Imagineers, illustrate once more that the artists are nothing less than heroes, shamans, alchemists. Their collective magic, skill and emotional intelligence leads you, wonderstruck, out of this world and into theirs, never ceasing to challenge, amaze and inspire. The pages are quite literally medicinal ..." 
Recommendation byDONATO GIANCOLAIllustrator & concept designer.
 ‘An amazing gathering of talent resides between these covers. From the epicheroism of wizards in conflict to the whimsical interpretations of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales to costumed creatures of etiquette, the artists of the White Cloud Worlds wield draughtsmanship, compositional design, and colour like master storytellers."

White Cloud Worlds - Volume Three

Cover art Greg Broadmore
Foreword bySTEPHEN FRYActor, comedian and writer.
"These Kiwis constitute a wellspring of creativity that has foamed and bubbled for twenty years and is – if the stupendous book you hold in your hand is anything to go by – in no danger of drying up."
Introduction byJAMES GURNEY Creator of Dinotopia
"What makes this volume special is that the artists share their life stories, the tale of how their characters came to be and why they need to paint them."
Afterword byARNIE & CATHY FENNER Spectrum Fantastic Art.
 "Every other single work and artist found within this treasure chest of a book will leave readers intrigued, enthusiastic and definitely wanting more."
Reccomendation byTERRYL WHITLATCHAuthor and creature designer.
"From the realm of the moa comes some of the most astounding fantastical art yet produced. Prepare to lose yourself in these universes of imaginations unleashed and extraordinary."